How To Keep Off Those Lost Pounds

How To Keep Off Those Lost Pounds with Pure Garcinia Cambogia

All the information you need is HERE So you have lost all the weight that dragged you down? Here’s how to keep it off!

Now that you have put in all the effort to lose weight, do not allow yourself to slack. Weight maintenance is just as difficult as weight loss and possibly even more difficult! Just ask any of the millions of dieters that have reached their goals, only to find themselves packing on the pounds faster than they did the first time around!

This is because your motivation may be waning and you have already reaped the rewards of all your hard work. Suddenly, because you look good in that bikini, you think that those burgers, sodas and cakes are okay. But they really aren’t! You do not have to doom yourself to a life of misery and temptation, however you do have to learn to manage your new healthy lifestyle in the long term.

Here’s how:

  • Weigh in weekly
  • Remind yourself of how your life used to be
  • Make a list of pros for your current lifestyle
  • Do not deprive yourself (healthy swaps)
  • Keep your diet exciting
  • Do not forget to exercise!Weekly Weigh-Ins

Weighing in once a week allows you to monitor yourself. Those pounds can come creeping back without you even realizing it. Stop it before you have to start noticing it on your clothing! The trick is to weigh in on the same day every week and at the same time. It is usually best to weigh in during the morning before you have eaten, as this is a good indication of your true weight.

If for two weeks in a row you notice that you have put on an extra pound or two; it’s time to take action! Be honest with yourself. Have you skipped exercise? Have you treated yourself one too many times? Perhaps keep a food diary so that you can pin point your wrong doings. A food diary will also make you feel more responsible for eating well.Keep A Daily Reminder Of The Past You

These reminders can come in many forms but it has to be something that you immediately associate with your life before you lost weight.

They could be:

  • A picture of your larger self
  • A larger size item of clothing that you used to wear
  • A dreary clothing or accessory item that you used to hide your weight

There are endless options and this will be very individual and personal to you. Place this item on your bedroom cupboard, your bathroom mirror or near the kitchen fridge. Make sure you see it every day.Your “Pros Of Being Skinny” List

Make a list of how wonderful it is to be fit, healthy and slim. This should be kept on you at all times. Read it over when you crave that cupcake that you really should not have or are maybe contemplating skipping that gym session.

Some affirmations may include:

  • I feel healthy and more capable of using my body
  • I have more energy and motivation for physical activity
  • I feel confident in everything I wear
  • I feel confident when I do not wear anything!Do Not Deprive Yourself

This by no means gives you free reign to eat whatever you want, however, if you do not allow yourself the occasional treat, you will slip back into an unhealthy lifestyle due to utter frustration. Allow yourself a sweet and savory treat once a week. Saving these for the weekend is a good idea since you tend to eat out more.

It also gives you something to look forward to. So you feel like eating a big cheese burger one week? Go for it! Make it an oily peperoni pizza the next. But do not allow yourself to eat like this more than once a week. If you suffer from these cravings often, learn to make healthy swaps. There are many ways of eating healthy burgers and pizzas at home. Have a monster sweet tooth? Satisfy it with berries and dark chocolate. Both are full of antioxidants. But remember, small portions!

Keep Your Diet Exciting

If you eat the same boring health foods every day, you are definitely going to get bored and become easily tempted to indulge in less healthy foods. Eating healthily does not have to be boring, and you should know that by now! Look up new recipes and have fun with your food. Most things are good for you in moderation. The trick is to stick to healthier products such as lean meats. Make sure you get all your veggies and fruit. Use healthy cooking methods such as baking, roasting, steaming and grilling. The sky is the limit!Daily Exercise

Sedentary lifestyles are weight maintenance gremlins. You simply cannot give up on your exercise. If you do not have time to exercise every day, choose to be more active during the day. Take the stairs, stand up more often; whatever you do, do not sit at your desk for hours on end! Find something to motivate you. Get a dog that needs daily walks or drag a friend into joining a Zumba class. Make exercise exciting by going on hikes or learning a new active hobby!

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